PHP Application Development


PHP Application Development

PHP is one of the greatest and cost effective tools for web development. Being an open source development tool, this helps you a lot for framing your website applications. There are lots of features which are available in PHP development.



                     i.        It is open source, and so it is free.

                   ii.          Supports almost all platforms and irrespective of all web servers

                  iii.        Supports IMAP, XML. LDAP and other IPs.

                 iv.        It supports MySQL, MS SQL along with Oracle database

                   v.        User gets MVC supports.

                 vi.           The user is getting the powerful Application Programming Interface

For the rapid development of website, you will get PHP as a unique milestone for its exclusive features and powerful API. The PHP development service supports various frameworks


Zend Framework (ZF); It is an open source and object oriented Web Application Framework which is implemented in PHP5. The most updated version of Zend framework 1.7 supports PHP 5.2.4 or the later version. In the previous versions, the users can use PHP 5.1.4 version or later ones. The main features of Zend Framework are as follows: 

i.            This is entirely an object oriented framework which works according to your demand and need. As you wish you can coordinate its framework to website.

ii.              You will get exclusive MVC implementation which supports layouts and PHP templates.

iii.             Oracle, IBM DB2, MariaDB, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server etc. supports superbly.

iv.              Email and retrieve, compose and send supports can be arranged by Zend Framework.

v.               You can manage backend services by the services of Zend Framework.

Code Igniter: In all kinds of open source web development tools, you will get Code igniter as an impressive one. There is an auto selectable library in the framework that enables the developers to develop a faster website. The commonly used tasks are enlisted in the framework libraries. The pattern of Model View Controller plans has been loosely implemented in the Code Igniter development pattern.

Speed and simplicity is the key feature of Code Igniter development Framework. When you need to focus on your fastest development of any project, it is better to use the said framework. Code Igniter is really a faster and lighter framework in web development tools.

Yii: Yii is the contracted form of Yes It Is. When you are finding a more reliable, secure, fast and professional framework, you will get the Yii framework. So, when you have got your desired framework, you have a sound that Yes It Is, you have found! This is a framework which is built under PHP5 and clearly endorses the DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) design. The web developers are so much encouraged by the use of Yii framework.

When you are finding a framework which can optimize your project work performance, this is the right choice that you can conceive. Yii is sufficient for all kinds of small and large projects. In time of development, you will feel the sophistication of service orientation. You have the full control over the entire project by the implementation of the single framework. The developer will get tools to test the site, debug the application and will get clear and complete service documents ion.

 CakePHP: This is also an open source PHP web development framework. It is modelled with the concepts of Ruby on Rails and follows the most common MVC approach (Model View Controller). All kinds of utilities of the framework support the main feature of a website. You will get the service of MVC, Association Data Mapping, Active Records, and Front Controller etc.

In all PHP development Frameworks, CakePHP is designed with the concept of the Rapid Action Framework. When the developer needs to get the better project in a minimal time frame this is the best.

Smarty: All kinds of PHP frameworks working almost the same have their different point of interests, and according to the need, the web developers use them. With the other benefits of web development, you will get a special feature in this framework. This is made mainly to simplify and systemize the sections. It also allows the front end users to control the front-end of a web page. Thus, the time and toils reduce which result of cost effectiveness.

Smarty creates smarty tags which are processed and substituted with the different other codes. The smarty tags denoted by a dollar sign ($) functions logically with loop statements

What Linkusup international Does for You?

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